Easily accept credit, debit, and eCheck payments in your practice with our secure online technology developed specifically for accounting professionals.

CPACharge software integration
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Custom Payment Pages

Get your own secure payment pages to easily process online payments. Customize your payment page and link to it from emails, invoices, and your website to give clients a seamless payment experience.

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Give clients multiple easy ways to pay their bill with professional online payments through our secure portal. Whether you send clients a payment request or process transactions in your office, getting paid is simple and secure.

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Quick Bill

Help clients pay quickly and easily, with just a click. Quick Bill lets you send a payment request for a specific, pre-filled dollar amount. Your client receives a link to a secure portal, where they can view and pay their Quick Bills. You can manage and track sent, viewed, and paid Quick Bills right from your CPACharge account.

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Scheduled Payments

Schedule payments in advance for recurring work or work you take on retainer—then sit back and watch your revenue roll in. With our free Scheduled Payments feature, you can save time and maximize cash flow in your firm.

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Website Payments Integration

Add a bill payment button to your firm’s website and link it to your secure, custom CPACharge payment page. This gives existing clients a straightforward way to pay, and shows prospective clients your firm is modern and tech-savvy.

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Client Signatures

Protect your firm against potential payment disputes by adding signatures to credit card receipts. No matter how transactions are run, you can easily collect a client signature to verify payment.

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CPACharge provides two easy ways for you to return a client payment. For same day returns, void a payment entirely. If more than a day has passed, the refund function lets you reverse payment with just a click.

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Practice Management Tool

Letting clients pay by credit or debit card is even easier when you have their credit card information on file from the get-go. This authorization form can help you get started with online payments and protect your firm against payment disputes.