Message from the CEO

Amy Porter

Welcome to CPACharge!

Our goal is simple—offer an easy-to-use payment technology for the modern CPA practice. As your payment partner, our team is dedicated to delivering a high level of personal service and payment expertise to your firm. CPACharge also enhances the experience your own clients have, contributing to the long-term success of your practice.

For over a decade we’ve built a trusted reputation as the preferred solution for more than 50,000 professionals. Combining an unsurpassed customer experience with our commitment to innovation, we have become one of the fastest-growing financial technology companies in the country.

Thank you for trusting your payments to CPACharge!

-Amy Porter,
Founder, and CEO

The CPACharge leadership team

We are committed to offering the highest level of service and support to our clients and this mindset starts with our leadership team. Learn more about the individuals who are leading our team and helping establish creative solutions for improving legal payments.

John is responsible for the company’s business development activities including integrated partnerships, corporate development, and other strategic initiatives. John also collaborates with the various LawPay departments to seamlessly and efficiently execute the company’s vision.
John Porter
Greg Haney is VP of Operations at LawPay and brings 24 years of experience in electronic payments and banking operations to the company. Greg is responsible for scaling and optimizing operational efficiencies to ensure clients are provided with the best product and experience possible.
Greg Haney
James is responsible for the architecture of LawPay's platform and applications. For the past 19 years, he has specialized in building large scale, mission critical software for the telecommunications and financial services spaces, where security and data privacy are of paramount importance.
James Sparrow
Stephen leads our talented in-house Software Development team. His team created our proprietary LawPay application, which provides a modern, simple, and friendly interface specifically for the legal industry. Their highest priority is to ensure your transactions are safe, secure, and PCI Compliant.
Stephen Perez
With 39 years of law practice and Board Certifications in Civil Trial and Civil Appellate Law, Claude serves as an industry liaison for LawPay. In addition, he is past Chair of the Texas Board of Legal Specialization as well as the Texas Center for Legal Ethics and Professionalism.
Claude Ducloux
Erin and her team oversees the financial and accounting functions for LawPay. Erin also serves as the company’s Human Resources Director. In this role, she ensures the members of our team uphold the high quality and standard of service you have come to expect from LawPay.
Erin Brooks
Mike leads the support team to ensure your firm has an exceptional LawPay experience. This group includes: New Client Services, Technical Support, and Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance. The support team is currently responsible for over 50,000 attorney clients and growing every day.
Mike Mitchell
Janelle is tasked with maintaining our high quality customer service experience for new and existing clients. Her role is focused on customer communication strategies, ensuring that all client needs are met in a friendly, timely, and professional manner.
Janelle Benefield
Tracey leads our team of creative professionals to develop and promote the LawPay brand. Her team also supports over 90 bar partnerships and endorsements. Her responsibilities include managing LawPay’s member benefit programs and coordinating 150 legal events per year.
Tracey Gavin
Amber works hand in hand with all departments throughout the company to drive revenue and growth. In addition, she leads the LawPay account management team who consult and advise new clients on the LawPay Solution.
Amber Bonander
Amanda supports our partners to create additional value through LawPay’s integrated solutions. Her efforts drive key strategic initiatives and ensure all partnerships are successful for both the organization and our mutual clients with regards to marketing, enduser support, and technology.
Amanda Huyck
Amy is responsible for all aspects of talent acquisition, including the implementation and support of competitive compensation and benefits packages. She also oversees employee development, and handles all matters involving employee relations.
Amy Funk