Explore this page for answers to the most common questions about CPACharge. For additional information, contact our in-house payment experts for friendly, personalized support.

  • Is there a terminal or special equipment needed?

    No terminal or special equipment is required to process payments with CPACharge. Our technology is designed to let you accept payments online, through our secure payment portal. We do provide you with a free USB card swiper that you can use to swipe payments in person, if you prefer.

  • How can I accept payments in my office?

    For in-office payments, you can key in your client’s card information to your secure payment page or swipe the card with your free USB swiper.

  • Can I accept debit cards?

    Yes! Process both credit and debit cards in person or online with your secure CPACharge account.

  • Can I use CPACharge with QuickBooks?

    Yes! Simply add a CPACharge payment link to invoices you generate in QuickBooks, and let your clients pay their bill quickly and easily through your CPACharge payment page.

  • How do your rates compare to my current processor?

    We can typically beat our competitors’ rates. We’d love the opportunity to perform a detailed cost comparison for you. Contact us to request a comparison today.

  • Can I authorize future payments?

    Yes! Our Scheduled Payments feature lets you schedule recurring charges in advance. Collect client card information once, then set payments to repeat indefinitely or until a certain amount has been paid. Unlike other processors who charge extra for this feature, with CPACharge, it’s included at no extra charge to you. Learn more about Scheduled Payments.

  • How can I avoid chargebacks?

    One of the best ways to avoid chargebacks or payment disputes is to collect client signatures and keep payment authorization on file. Learn more in our support center.

  • What is PCI compliance?

    PCI compliance refers to a set of standards implemented by the card brands that govern how businesses handle, store, and transmit credit card information. When you work with CPACharge, we help you ensure your firm becomes and stays PCI compliant at no extra cost, and have experts available to answer all your compliance questions. Learn more in our support center.

  • Is your software secure?

    Security is our top priority, and our technology exceeds standards for internet security and PCI Level 1 compliance. Learn more about our advanced security measures.

  • How quickly will I see funds deposit into my account?

    New payments show as pending on your CPACharge account within minutes, and funds are deposited in full within 1–3 business days. Next day funding is available on request.

  • Do you work in Canada?

    Yes! We’re happy to serve CPA firms throughout the U.S. and Canada.