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We're very pleased with CPACharge and highly recommend it to other CPA firms. I like that I can easily send payment links to our clients as well as enter payments myself through the web portal. We're also happy with the reporting features and find them very easy to use.

– Ancel Airington & Associates PLLC

Program Pricing

$10 a month

1.95% + 20¢ Visa, Mastercard, Discover
2.95% + 20¢ Specialty cards
(Includes AMEX, corporate and other reward cards)
0% + $2 per eCheck/ACH transactions
Card brand network fees may apply

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  • Card Brand Pass-Through Fees

    To avoid charging higher rates across all transactions, any additional card network fees that are triggered are simply passed through directly, with no mark-up. This method allows us to offer a more competitive program, reduce your overall cost, and improve your bottom line.

    PLEASE NOTE: These fees do NOT apply to every transaction. This is simply a list of possible fees that some cards may create.

    Our Certified Payments Professionals (CPPs) can answer all your questions at 844-352-4705.

  • Visa Fees
    • per transaction
    • Acquirer Processing Fee: $0.0195

    • Visa Base II Transmission Fee: $0.0018

    • Integrity Fee: $0.10

    • International Acquiring Fee (IAF): 0.45%

    • International Sale Assessment Fee: 1%

    • per month
    • Fixed Acquirer Network Fee (FANF): $2.00
  • Mastercard Fees
    • per transaction
    • NABU (Network Access and Brand Usage): $0.0195

    • Acquirer Program Support Fee: 0.85%

    • Cross Border (trans amt in USD): 0.60%

    • per month
    • Location Fee: $1.25
  • American Express Fees
    • per transaction
    • Amex Network Processing: .15%

    • Amex Card Not Present: .30%

    • International Inbound: .40%

Have more questions before signing up?

Please do not hesitate to contact one of our Certified Payments Professionals (CPPs) at 844-352-4705.