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“CPACharge has made it very easy and inexpensive to accept payments via credit card. I’m getting paid faster, and by having the payment link on my invoices and website, clients are able to pay their bills with no hassles. Knowing that I get confirmation of a credit card payment immediately takes away the burden of having to worry about the check being ‘in the mail...I promise.’”

David Cantor
CPA, Cantor Forensic Accounting

“As a bookkeeper who must reconcile transactions from multiple sources, and having experienced several other merchant services, this is the most logical, most user-friendly, and from an accounting standpoint, most easily reconciled system I have experienced. Thanks again for making my life and bank reconciliation much easier!”

Juliane Jay
Bookkeeper, Crippen CPA

“CPACharge is a huge success in our office! We’ve had tremendous customer support from the onset, and the system is user-friendly—it literally took minutes to be up and running. We can compile all our information in the main office and reconcile with no problem! The reports are easy to run as well as read, and they’re right at my fingertips! I have full confidence that all information sent through the CPACharge portal is secure. It’s a breath of fresh air to find a program that takes away stress instead of adding to it!”

Peggy Tuttle
Billing Manager, Cole, Newton & Duran CPAs

“Just wanted to reiterate my extreme satisfaction with CPACharge. CPACharge is not only easier to facilitate, but also client-friendly. We have emailed clients the link to use the service themselves and they comment on how easy and convenient it is (and they pay our invoices faster!). Compared to our previous credit card service provider, CPACharge charges us HALF the processing fees, HALF! That is thousands of dollars of savings for us per year.”

Sydney Miyashiro
Firm Administrator, MC Group Hawaii, Inc.

“I love that I can send clients to my CPACharge payment page and they can input their payment information themselves. This ensures clients authorize the charge and the amount. I never have to personally input or authorize charges, so I can avoid any potential concerns of conflicts or misuse of client confidential information.”

Scott Saltzman
CPA, Saltzman, LLC

“We're very pleased with CPACharge and highly recommend it to other CPA firms. I like that I can easily send payment links to our clients as well as enter payments myself through the web portal. We're also happy with the reporting features and find them very easy to use.”

Ancel Airington
CPA, Ancel Airington & Associates PLLC