Transparency. Because we know the details matter.

Card Brand Pass-Through Fees

To avoid charging higher rates across all transactions, any additional card network fees that are triggered are simply passed through directly, with no mark-up. This method allows us to offer a more competitive program, reduce your overall cost, and improve your bottom line.

PLEASE NOTE: These fees do NOT apply to every transaction. This is simply a list of possible fees that some cards may create.

Please do not hesitate to contact one of our Certified Payments Professionals (CPPs) at 844-352-4705.

Visa Fees

  • per transaction
  • Acquirer Processing Fee: $0.0195

  • Base II Transmission Fee: $0.0018

  • Integrity Fee: $0.10

  • International Acquiring Fee (IAF): 0.45%

  • International Sale Assessment Fee: 1%

  • per month
  • Fixed Acquirer Network Fee (FANF): $2.00

Mastercard Fees

  • per transaction
  • NABU (Network Access and Brand Usage): $0.0195

  • Acquirer Program Support Fee: 0.85%

  • Cross Border (trans amt in USD): 0.60%

  • per month
  • Location Fee: $1.25

American Express Fees

  • per transaction
  • Amex Network Processing: 0.15%

  • Amex Card Not Present: 0.30%

  • International Inbound: 0.40%