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Hello and welcome to the CPACharge blog! Here you’ll find accounting industry insights and educational resources on topics like payment processing, financial technology, CPA firm security, and more. As the experts in payment processing for CPA firms, we aim to make the CPACharge blog your go-to resource for getting paid and staying up to date on industry trends.

Credit Cards 101: How Money Gets from a Client’s Card into Your Bank Account


Here we demystify the hidden logistics of credit and debit card processing to give you a better understanding of what happens behind the scenes when a client pays you with a card.

The 5 Best Password Managers for CPAs


We’ve listed our five favorite password management tools that have the best features for CPAs.

5 Ways to Prep Your Billing and Payments Processes for Tax Season


Here are five ways you can update your billing and payments workflows to make sure you’re set up for smooth sailing and maximum cash flow this year.

What Today’s Client Payment Trends Mean for You


Here we dig into the data behind today’s online payment trends and look at how they could impact your CPA firm now and in the future.

7 Common Misconceptions About Accepting Client Payments Online


The truth is, accepting online payments is much easier and safer than you might think. Here we debunk common misconceptions around accepting credit cards.

Security Series Part 5: Secure Sensitive Data


What can you do to ensure sensitive data remains protected, regardless of its state or location? This post has some guidelines to keep in mind.

Security Series Part 4: Protect Internal Systems


Use your firewall, antivirus software, automatic updates, and more to protect your firm’s systems from hackers.

New Infographic: How People Prefer to Pay Today


Check out our new infographic below to learn more about the payment trends driving client expectations in the modern service economy.

Security Series Part 3: Fortify Your Network


Secure your firm’s Wi-Fi network with a few important changes to your network configuration.

Security Series Part 2: Strengthen Your Passwords


Every IT asset in your firm has a shared security characteristic—it’s only as secure as the password protecting it.

CPA Firm Spotlight: Cantor Forensic Accounting


This month, we’re thrilled to feature Cantor Forensic Accounting, PLLC, a family law CPA firm in Chandler, Arizona.

Security Series Part 1: Take Stock of Your IT Assets


To secure your technological infrastructure, you first need to know what you’re working with. This means taking an inventory of your firm’s IT assets.

10 Tips for Incorporating Online Payments into Your Firm


Today, people expect the option to pay by credit card or ACH, and the vast majority—75 percent—prefer it. Give clients what they want by incorporating online payments into your practice.

How Third-Party Vendors are Helping CPAs Protect Client Data


Today’s accounting professionals know that data security is a more urgent concern than ever.

Getting Paid: 5 Things All CPAs Need to Know


Implementing a few simple billing and collection habits will modernize the way you accept client payments and prioritize your firm’s cash flow.