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LawPay understands the unique needs of attorneys. Together with Clio we offer seamless online payments for the legal industry.

LawPay is the only payment provider approved and endorsed by over 90 bar associations, and recognized through the ABA Advantage Program.


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Register your firm with LawPay. Click "Open Account" to get started.


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Go to Online Payments in Clio Connect and select LawPay.


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Clients can now simply pay online when they receive a bill via Clio Connect.

  • 1.95% per transaction
  • No swipe required
  • No equipment needed

Clio Consultant Program

If you know a firm looking for a great payment provider, please let them know about LawPay. In appreciation of your referral, we will give you a $100 Thank You if your referral chooses LawPay!

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